Message from the Heart

When God released me to write my book entitled Unspoken Truths, Shades Of Abuse, He also gave me a vision and that vision was Awaken. I am a survivor of incest, rape, child abuse and domestic violence. I believe that there has to be a doorway for victims and survivors to be able to walk through. A doorway that is safe and secure for them to take that first step into their healing. I know for me, I didn’t think that I had a way out of the abuse I endured. I lived in Rage all of my childhood and most of my adult life. My life was filled with emotions and numbness I never knew existed. There was emptiness inside me that I couldn’t explain.

I came to realize that the emptiness came from the shame and pain of the UN-spoken truths and hidden secrets of the incest, rape, the physical, emotional, verbal and mental abuse I had been living. I was paralyzed inside myself, and I had no control.


It is by the grace of God that I am no longer a victim of abuse and my voice is no longer silent.

If I had my way, no woman, child or man would ever experience the pain and emptiness I endured. That’s why here at Awaken we are creating programs that will heal the body, mind and spirit. The result of these programs and training will result in positive change and self-growth and empowerment.


When I was awaken from the shadows of my past, I realized that I was only surviving life and not living my life.

God has given me a huge task and a great responsibility with Awaken. God has heard the cries of His children and has assigned Awaken as that doorway for the victims and survivors to walk through for their healing and breakthrough. God gave me a vision and that vision is Awaken.


awakenMessage from the Heart