Finding Real Hope
After Abuse
Donate Now Finding Real Hope
After Abuse
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Offering Help To
Victims and Families
Donate Now Offering Help To
Victims and Families
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The War Against Abuse
Is A War For Liberation
Donate Now The War Against Abuse
Is A War
For Liberation
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Helping to
Heal & Restore
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Heal & Restore
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About Awaken, Inc.

Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Services in the Chicago Area and Surrounding Suburbs of Illinois

Don’t suffer in silence when help is only a phone call away. Awaken, Inc. is a nonprofit organization in the Southern Suburbs of Illinois that provides services for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Contact us for compassionate and immediate assistance.

We are a faith-based organization that promotes community awareness of sexual abuse, domestic violence, and rape. Our goal is to educate others and help victims break free from their silence. We believe that God never fails in His love for you. Our founder has first-hand experience with abuse and is a survivor. She is also the author of “Unspoken Truths, Shades of Abuse.”

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Healing Therapy through

the written word

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Tell Your Story with

A Needle and Thread

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Build Coping Abilities

through Life Skill Classes

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Learn About Abuse:

Physical, Verbal, Sexual

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Setting You Free to Live Again

The goal of the charity is to help and support victims of sexual abuse through various programs and events.

You have to stop the cycle of hiding behind the abuse and stop walking on eggshells being afraid of your own shadows. I believe in-order to achieve, you have to reach, and in-order to reach, you will need to turn negative into positive. So the only way you can turn bad into good, you have to turn fear into faith. Here at Awaken we believe that every woman deserves to be treated with respect and dignity, and a place to heal. Here at Awaken Real Love is where the healing begins.

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  • Speaking with Victoria and some of the other volunteers really helped me realize that life was worth living not only for me but for my child. They spoke life over me and prayed for me and my healing.

  • I am happy to see that there is someone out there that cares about the women and child here in this shelter. When the Awaken Organization can and sat own and talk with us, brought a full course meal and gifts for the women and children really made me and my children feel special. Thanks Awaken

  • Thanks Awaken for the love you showed us when we were homeless, the cloths, shoes, coats, food and some furniture you gave us after the fire, we will always be grateful to your organization.

  • During Christmas my child asked, mommy why are they giving us toys, all I could say was, because they love us and thought you would need a few toys to play with while we are here. For my child thanks for caring.

  • It was such a pleasure to be able to serve this special group of ladies and their children in the beginning that was the task but the ladies were so welcoming and open that it became a pleasure… I will always avail myself to the opportunity to work with Awaken Inc. such a devoted, compassionate, life changing organization.

    Karen, Volunteer
  • Victoria Morgan Thomas, Founder of Awaken Inc. is a women of great strength and who defies all negative odds the world throws at her. She is a strong, resilient advocate for women and children, especially those beautiful souls who have suffered from domestic violence and sexual abuse.

    Leah Jennings, Gurlstalkn Women Ministry
  • My experience with Victoria and her organization Awaken has been nothing short of amazing! I love being a part of such a great organization, and pray that the women all across the globe will be touched by this amazing organization.


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