Victoria Morgan Thomas

Victoria Morgan Thomas, Founder and President

My vision to form Awaken Inc. has brought my passion for healing, and educating the community about domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and child abuse to life. Working with Awaken has brought me in contact with so many exceptional people. Together we can learn, embrace and look forward to the promise of the change we can bring to so many lives.

Victoria Morgan-Thomas serves as a victim’s advocate, activist, author of “Unspoken Truths, Shades Of Abuse”, speaker and also a survivor of domestic violence, and sexual assault and child abuse. She has dedicated her time and talent to giving a voice to the silent tears of abuse. Ms. Thomas is very passionate about breaking the chains of abuse and the violence committed against women, child abuse and incest. No longer a victim of abuse, she stands strong on the words, “abuse no longer silent,” when it comes to getting the community and churches involved and raising awareness.

Ms. Thomas has worked as a Senior Market Reporter for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Group for 34 years. She has five children and twelve grandchildren. Ms. Thomas has been trained in domestic violence, abuse intervention, crisis intervention, children and teen issues. Victoria’s vision and inspiration will give hope and healing to so many survivors, who have been living silently in the shadows of their abuse and abusers for years. Her courage and strength will give voice for freedom to all survivors.

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