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Eric Morgan

Eric Morgan, Board Member

Eric Morgan is a valued member of the Board of Directors for Awaken, Inc. He has been with the company for a number of years, and provides valuable insight for the daily operations and logistics.

awakenEric Morgan
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Thomasetta Guiden

Thomasetta Guiden, RNCST

When I was asked to be apart of Awaken, the answer was yes, right away. I knew that I always wanted to be apart of an organization that took a stand against violence against women and children. Awaken stands for healing and restoration for the abused victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse and I look forward to being a voice to help bring awareness to the cause. The vision and mission speaks about healing, educating, and empowering the spirit, mind and body. I am honored to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken, Inc. because I believe in the vision and I believe in the Founder, Victoria Morgan-Thomas.

Thomasetta Guiden is a RNCST, (Registered Nurse Certified Surgical Technician) for over 22 years. Thomasetta has one child, and lives in Blue Island Illinois.

awakenThomasetta Guiden
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Angela Stepney-Wilson

Angela Stepney-Wilson, M.D.

I believe that no one has the right to force anyone to live in fear of being physically abused. I am honored to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken, Inc. and under the leadership of our Founder Victoria Morgan-Thomas. I truly believe in her favorite saying, “ABUSE NO LONGER SILENT” will make a difference in so many lives. Her vision and mission for Awaken will open the doors for so many survivors, women, children and yes, men.

Angela knew from the start at a young age that she wanted to dedicate her life to helping others. Angela earned her medical degree at Indiana University in Indianapolis, IN to become the first physician in her family. Dr. Angela is currently pursuing an MBA in health care Management. Angela is married and has one son.

awakenAngela Stepney-Wilson
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Dacia Dixon

Dacia Dixon, Secretary, Education Specialist

“Strive not to become a person of success, but a person of Value which leads to success.” Albert Einstein-Physicist

Dacia Dixon is humbled and honored to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken, Inc. It is her goal to dedicate her time, talent, and expertise to serve those who have been affected by violence and abuse. It is her premise to promote and awaken the value of lives through education, support, and agape’ Love. Dacia believes in Victoria’s vision and the direction she is moving Awaken .Her strength and willingness to share her story proves that there is power in our voice when we break the silence.

Dacia’s vision and mission for AWAKEN is to empower those affected by abuse to be healed mentally, physically, spiritually, economically, socially, and emotionally as the members of AWAKEN become informed, trained, and knowledgeable to embrace the strength and voice of those courageous survivors.

Ms. Dixon has worked as an Education Specialist with the Chicago Public Schools for over 20 years. She has earned a Master’s Degree in Curriculum/Instruction, Golden Apple Nominee several times. Teacher of the year and her classroom is a model used by CPS.

awakenDacia Dixon
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Carola A. Peterson-Gaines

Carola A. Peterson-Gaines, Nurse, Outreach Program Coordinator

I am apart of Awaken, Inc. because I believe in what Awaken Stands for, Action with Authority, Knowledge, Empowerment and Newness of Life. Victoria has come a long way to put a voice on domestic violence and sexual abuse. Being a survivor herself, her courage and strength will empower anyone who has suffered in silence to know that they are not alone, and that is life after the abuse. I am proud to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken.

Carola A Peterson-Gaines is the Witness Project Evaluation Coordinator. She is a Licensed Practical Nurse; Carola also holds the title of Badger Care Plus Outreach Program Coordinator. Unity Health Insurance /UW Medical Foundation. Carola is married and has three children.

awakenCarola A. Peterson-Gaines
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Garry Thomas

Garry Thomas, Vice President and Treasurer, Walgreen’s Manager

I believed in Victoria’s vision and mission that she shared with me several years ago. I am proud to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken, Inc. which fights against domestic violence and sexual abuse. I am proud to be part of an organization not only for women and children, but for men as well.

I am apart of Awaken, Inc. because I was physically and emotionally abused in one of my marriages. It is quite uncommon to hear about abuse to men versus abuse by men, but this practice occurs more often then what is reported. Victoria’s story is one of hope and victory not just for women and children, but for men who are victims and want their voices to be heard out of the cries of shame.

Garry Thomas is a businessman currently employed as a Manger with Walgreen’s Corporation. He has experience working with inner city youth programs in Chicago and has spoken to numerous high schools senior classes about careers in the business world. He is single, has one son and resides in Bourbonnais, Illinois.

awakenGarry Thomas
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Kathy Garrett

Kathy Garrett, M.D./PPS

Working with Awaken, Inc. is an honor and I find it very rewarding to be a part of such a humbling organization. Victoria’s vision and mission statement for Awaken, Inc. touched my soul. Awaken, Inc. allows me to share my passion for human equality, the right to a safe and happy life for all. It is an honor and joy to work beside women of strength, dedication, and an unwavering faith. This organization encourages me to connect great people with great people. Nurturing them, share with them and trust them. We give our best. I am honored to be a Founding Board Member of Awaken.

Kathy Garrett presently works as a staff member of T3 Health Check LLC. She brings with her 27 years of professional experience in nursing. As a certified MD/PPS Coordinator, her work included, Long Term Care, Psychotropic Management, Care Plan Development and Patient Assessment Protocols. Pain control and symptom management was the ultimate goal. Kathy has excellent assessment and documentation skills. It is important to her that she builds a trusting relationship with her clients. Her huge and smile is warm, relaxing and infectious.

In her role as Director of nursing for supportive living facilities, she was an advocate for promoting quality of life for the residents. She enjoys building consumer knowledge and understanding of health issues. Above all, service was rendered in a manner that promised dignity without jeopardy of morality and legal practices. Passion for better living is her driving force. Kathy is married and has one child.

awakenKathy Garrett
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Victoria Morgan Thomas

Victoria Morgan Thomas, Founder and President

My vision to form Awaken Inc. has brought my passion for healing, and educating the community about domestic violence, sexual assault, rape and child abuse to life. Working with Awaken has brought me in contact with so many exceptional people. Together we can learn, embrace and look forward to the promise of the change we can bring to so many lives.

Victoria Morgan-Thomas serves as a victim’s advocate, activist, author of “Unspoken Truths, Shades Of Abuse”, speaker and also a survivor of domestic violence, and sexual assault and child abuse. She has dedicated her time and talent to giving a voice to the silent tears of abuse. Ms. Thomas is very passionate about breaking the chains of abuse and the violence committed against women, child abuse and incest. No longer a victim of abuse, she stands strong on the words, “abuse no longer silent,” when it comes to getting the community and churches involved and raising awareness.

Ms. Thomas has worked as a Senior Market Reporter for the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, CME Group for 34 years. She has five children and twelve grandchildren. Ms. Thomas has been trained in domestic violence, abuse intervention, crisis intervention, children and teen issues. Victoria’s vision and inspiration will give hope and healing to so many survivors, who have been living silently in the shadows of their abuse and abusers for years. Her courage and strength will give voice for freedom to all survivors.

awakenVictoria Morgan Thomas
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